V.A. – Turbulence

V.A. - Turbulence (Compiled by DJ Feio)

Artista:V.A. & Feio
Título do Álbum:Turbulence
Ano de Lançamento:2006
Gênero:Psy Trance
Tamanho Total:108
Gravadora:Chemical Crew
Booking:[email protected]

Track List:
01. Exaile – Bassology
02. Star-X – History
03. Tube – Techno Drop
04. Skazi – Move Away
05. GMS Vs. Space Cat Vs. Raja Ram – Snorkleblaster (Void Remix)
06. Star-X Vs. Feio – The Trap
07. Paranormal Attack – Brasil
08. 40% – Evil Dori
09. Rocky – Fleeting Glimpse
10. Feio Vs. Bizzare Contact – Technology (Remix)

Luiz Sala, o DJ Feio, é o pioneiro do trance psicodélico no Brasil, sendo produtor musical e organizador da maior festa open air nacional, a Xxxperience.

Na compilação “Turbulence”, Feio traz ao mundo o groove psicodélico dos artistas da Chemical Crew, com faixas que mostram sons e ritmos inovadores.


3 respostas para “V.A. – Turbulence”

  1. dereklangold disse:

    well I’m giving up trying to d/l this set, tried for the last 10 days and always Rapidshare comes up with some reason not to allow me to d/l it.
    The final insult was just now I waited for the 120 seconds and the d/l
    icon came up I clicked on it and after 3 seconds an other screen came up and said the d/l takes to long to come up, try again.
    I had the same message a few times and it just will not allow me to d/l this track, I dont suppose there is any chance of a different link.

    just a thought, dont know if anyone else has had the same problem
    but it is possible, anything is possible with Rapidshare.

    thanks a lot.

  2. dereklangold disse:

    Thank you so much for giving us a new link.

    6 minutes and I’m playing this great set, only 1 track in but
    its great as I thought it would be,

    thanks again, really appreciated

  3. Domatexck disse:

    best set ever made

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